Learn Like Nastya

The app that lets kids learn through play, like their best friend on YouTube!

Learn Like Nastya makes learning a blast!
Made especially for kids
aged 3 to 5
Made specially for kids aged 3 to 5
Through interactive games and video lessons, your child will learn skills they need for school and for life.
Imitative Learning
Is an Educational Method Proven to Accelerate Children’s Development
Animated Videos
Illustrated Books with Voiceover
Quizzes for Retention
Interactive Puzzles
A Variety of Games
Like Nastya,
your child will…
Watch cool videos about the world around
Listen to exciting stories
Meet and trace letters and numbers
Put together animated puzzles
Color and draw favorite things
Play logic games
Have lots of fun!
Here’s What They’ll Learn
Home, Family and Friends
Animals and Plants
Life in a Community
The World
Around Us
Family, Friends,
Homes and Rooms,
Feelings and Emotions,
Matching and Sorting Objects
Number Sense
Geometric Shapes